Downloading Orders

Review the instructions below to get started downloading orders.

Quick Start

Choose a vendor

As shown below, click the OrderWand icon and then click a vendor link under “Vendor Order Links”. If you aren’t already logged into the vendor, then you’ll need to do so.

Vendor order links

Recently downloaded orders

OrderWand automatically downloads an orders that it finds. If it finds any you’ll see a green badge like what is displayed below. In this example, a “+10” indicates that ten orders have been downloaded.

10 orders downloaded

If OrderWand finds orders, but they’ve already been downloaded it will show a gray badge, as shown below, along with the number of orders it found.

10 orders downloaded

Total orders downloaded

At any time, you can see the total number of downloads collected by clicking the OrderWand icon in the toolbar. In this example, it’s showing that it has ten orders downloaded.

Total orders downloaded

OrderWand stores all of your order data in a database, so you don’t need to keep revisiting the same order pages over and over again.

Export data

Once you’ve downloaded some data see how to export as CSV/Excel or JSON.

Vendor Download Instructions

Each vendor has their own vendor screen, so below I’m going to cover how to download the data for each vendor.


By default, TCGplayer only shows the last 30 days of orders. See the screenshot:

TCGplayer order paging example

To page through all orders click the drop menu and choose All Time. See example below:

TCGplayer order paging example

To load all orders scroll to the bottom of the order page and click the next page (2, 3, 4, 5, etc). See below.

TCGplayer order paging example

You will see the green badge each time which indicates if you’ve downloaded it.

10 orders downloaded

HINT: You can also right click on the order page number and c*lick “Open in new tab”. OrderWand will automatically download the data in the other tab for you.

Card Kingdom

Click on each link beneath the Order ID column. See below. You’ll see the green badge indicating "+1" if it was loaded successfully.

Card Kingdom orders

Star City Games

Click on the Order # link beside each order icon. See below. You’ll see the green badge indicating "+1" if it was loaded successfully.

Star City Games orders

Troll And Toad

Click on the Orders placed icon. See below:

Troll and total orders placed

Select the appropriate year to download orders. See below:

Troll and total orders by year

Then click the View Details for each order. You’ll see the green badge indicating "+1" if it was loaded successfully.

Troll and total order links