OrderWand Privacy Policy

OrderWand is an entirely private tool. See below for details.

What data is stored?

OrderWand collects only order data from supported online vendors. See list below:

What data is collected?

OrderWand collects your account name, in case you have multiple TCGplayer, Card Kingdom, etc accounts as well as the order data.

See Order Data Fields for the full list of data collected.

How is the data stored?

Order data is stored in a secure, database in your web browser, called IndexedDB. OrderWand uses the amazing idb library to make the code a lot cleaner.

Is the order data sent to anyone?

No. The data is only stored and exported on your local web browser. Nothing is sent to anyone.

How do I delete the order database from my web browser?

There are two methods to delete order data:

  1. Remove the OrderWand extension. It will delete the entire database along with all data.
  2. Click the OrderWand icon and click the “Delete All” button.