FAQ - Freqently Asked Questions

What is OrderWand?

It is a web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that collects buyer order data automatically.

Who might use it?

It’s really for anyone that wants to quickly collect an inventory on whatever they’ve purchased online, but below are a couple examples.

Is it free?

Yes. I built OrderWand to help manage for my own personal collection, and I figured that other folks would like it.

Are you going to support other vendors?

Possibly. I buy from the four listed, so I don’t see why to add any others at the moment.

I’ve purchased quite a few cards from ABU Games, and I’d like to support them, but unfortunately their order confirmation screen has virtually no information on it.

Can I contribute to the project?

Sure. Email is at our support address . We’d really appreciate any of the following:

Can I support you?

Yes! Give post a review on the Chrome Web Store and/or the Firefox Add-Ons Marketplace.